Our Standard Products                   

BumperStops™ Protectors are a strong, highly resilient polyurethane raw material which has been coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. They are hard wearing yet flexible.

Among the many features of polyurethane is the ability to withstand shock and vibration whilst being non- slip & non-marking.

Supplied in over 30 standard shapes, BumperStops are now one of the worlds leading manufacturers in their field. We have end users, distributors, representatives or agents in over 35 countries around the world.



    Product Features

  • Durable & resilient
  • Sound dampening & vibration resistant
  • Non slip & Non-marking
  • Vibration dampening
  • High performance adhesive systems


    Product Benefits

  • Highly transparent for chameleon colour matching
  • Allows heat dissipation
  • Discreet on clear materials
  • Quick & simple to apply
  • Available in over 30 sizes


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