On 30 Octobter1988, Products Purchasing & Supply Services was set up by a group of experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. It started out providing one - stop trading house to many local manufacturing companies. Before the paradigm shift of the information system era in the 80s and 90s, sourcing of products and especially hard-to-find products was a daunting task. However, we see it as an opportunity and had successfully sourced for countless products. With many customers satisfied with our purchasing services, our customer's profile grew from local to regional manufacturing firms. With years of experience and strong business relationship with suppliers, Products Purchasing and Supply Services is able to trade niche global products to serve the local demand for spares, equipment and hardware. 

" We Supply Specialty Products "

Our customers' profiles are diverse, ranging from multi- national companies to public-listed companies to trading companies. Some of the brands and specialty products we market today are among some of the quality  products we imported for our dedicated customers. Some of our customers are as follows:




From products sourcing to product specialization, Products Purchasing & Supply Services is constantly upgrading and acquiring new skills to ensure we can  serve our customers better. For instance, Netter Vibration which is one of our specialty products range. Our management personnel underwent a series of practical trainings which include traveling to Germany for technical training and obtained several certification from the local Institute of Technical Education.


To combine strategic marketing and service excellence with quality products at competitive pricing to provide the best value to our regional customers.


The regional premier distributors of specialty products and support manufacturers to achieve their goals through strategic marketing and close collaboration strategy.


Core Values


We will always do what is right and our business is based on trust. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and pledge to be transparent, just and consistent in word and deed.


We are truly thankful for the opportunities we have been given and believe this is the key to true greatness. Our positive minded team embraces gratitude as what gets poured into the glass to make it half full. Where there is gratitude, there is courtesy; there is a concern for the happiness and well-being of others.


We strive to always improve. We live by the notion that if you're not getting better, you're falling behind. We teach and encourage our team to improve performance and efficiency in order to add value beyond what is expected. We always base team rewards on results and promotion on ability.


We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do. We are committed to delivering superior value to our clients


Timely Response

We are committed to response to your enquiry within 1 working day.

Quality Assurance

All products undergo stringent quality control before delivery is made.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost leadership strategy will ensure that the quality products you purchased are value for money.