Benefits and features of Netter hydraulic vibrators:

  • Rotary vibrations
  • High working moments, large amplitudes
  • Favourable power to weight ratio
  • Variable frequency

Netter hydraulic vibrators are available as external vibrators and as internal vibrators. External vibrators are  mounted to the structure to be vibrated (feeder, hopper discharge, precast form, etc.). Internal vibrators are placed into the product to be vibrated (concrete, bulk material, etc.), and are therefore subject to a certain amount of wear due to abrasion from the product.

  External vibrators Internal vibrators
Frequency (min-1) 1.750 4.000 6.000 8.000
Centrifugal force (N) 7.270 44.110 12.970 23.068
Working moment (cmkg) 2,06 119 6,57 6,57
Working width (cm)  - - 180 360
Compaction rate (m3/h)  - - 75 135
Kind of vibration rotary rotary



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Hydraulic External Vibrators
Series NHG L

  • Rotary vibration
  • Nominal frequency from 3.500  min-1 - 7.000  min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 4.070 N - 25.600 N 
  • Frequency continuously variable via volume flow rate 


  • Emptying containers and bilk material hoppers 
  • Sieving and compacting of different materials 
  • Unloading transport vehicles





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Hydraulic External Vibrators
Series CV, CC, CCV, DV

  • Driven by flanged hydraulic motor
  • Nominal frequency from 
    1.750 min-1 - 5.400 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from
    7.320 N - 49.210 N
  • Frequency continuously adjustable by hydraulic pressure
  • High working moment, high amplitude
  • Low unit weight combined wirh high capacity
  • Mounting by attachement screw (CCV), bracket (CC) or flange (CV/DV)



  • Suitable to unload rail wagons and bulk hoppers
  • Sieving and compacting of different materials


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