Safety Products

Spray Control

To upgrade your safety in your pipeline systems there is a new product Spray Control.This splash protection tape makes the environment safer. It protects against unwanted spray or leaking seals.

Spray Control is made to prevent & reduce damage and injury to staff, machinery and piping by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. A pre leak detection can help to reduce maintenance and repair costs in plants by preventing downtime from failures or recordable accidents.

Spray Control can be important factor in risk management and reducing insurance concerns.Should be used on flanges & valves chemical plants.

Compared to Spray Shields & Flange Guards this product can be directly used without any special ordering.

Material is a reinforced multilayer modified fiber vinyl, with extreme adhesive.
Temperature resistant from Minus 30 celsius to 75 celsius.
Pressure Resistance tested till 35 bar pressure lines when installed accordingly.
Excellent Chemical Resistance, ask for brochure.


Leak & Seal kit

The Emergency Leak and Seal kit (ELS kit) is an all inclusive response kit that enables immediate action when situations demand it.

A wrench and water are all that's needed to use the ELS kit. No Special training is required, but make sure the crew is familiar with the kit and working procedures.

The ELS kit is versatile; use it for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical service.

The ELS kit includes a broad range of items that enables quick repair of the most common leaks in pipes, tanks and drums.

The ELS kit contains:

·        Box                    

·        Rubber hammer

·        Wood wedges (16 pieces)

·        Knife

·        Speed steel

·        Fast plastic

·        Filler rubber pack (50x50cm)

·        Dripstop (50mm)

·        Spraycontrol (50mm)

·        Spraystop (35mm)

·        Piperepair kit (2''3''4'')

·        Gloves 3x

·        Instruction

·        Similair on IMPA 812368

Light Line

T-ISS & Safe Sign specialists with 10 years experience all over the world in Safety Escape systems on board of ferries & cruise liners have developed there own unique photoluminescent

Light Line a new name for a high tech low cost LLL system which fully complies with the IMO A752 and ISO 15370 regulations. It is wheelmark approved by DNV and complies with the USCG regulations

In general has 3 standard models for several purposes:

  1.   An angle profile for implementation on ferries and cruise liners
  2. A self adhesive system for simple low cost systems for use on ferries
  3. Custom made solutions, we make upon requirements from architect, yard and ship owners.2: a self adhesive system for simple low cost systems for use on small island & fjord ferries

It has the availability of different afterglow materials with their own characteristics so you can choose perfect solutions for the LLL systems.

We have 3 available qualities in photo luminescent performance : XL - XXL - XXX

Each quality can be supplied in 4 different materials
Aluminium - PVC sheets - mod APET sheet - PVC adhesive sheets

Once installed we give a guarantee of 10 years on our systems.

As specialties we produce, reverse printed LLL systems which give a high performance optical visibility appearance or we can implement carpet floor LLL systems (strips which are placed inside the carpets)

Since all Low Location Light systems need to be checked every 5 Years these inferior qualities will not pass the testing procedures and will have to be renewed.


Safety Manuals

1. SOLAS Training Manual

 (As required by: SOLAS Chapter III. Reg. 35)

 The SOLAS Training Manual has been completely re-written to provide an up-to-date, user friendly, attractive document that will meet the requirements of the regulations.

 Take the time and hard work out of updating and modernising your SOLAS Training Manual by using this completely NEW edition as the basis for your continued compliance with SOLAS.

  • Why use our pre-prepared SOLAS Training Manual?
  • It ensures compliance with the Code.
  • It saves considerable preparation time/cost.
  • It provides a document that will actually be read.
  • It gives uniformity throughout a fleet.
  • It enhances the professional image of the owner.

  Manual Preparation

  1. In its basic form all necessary background data is provided.
    Guidance is given concerning details to be entered so that the Manual becomes dedicated to a particular vessel.
  2. Where complicated Training Manuals are required a questionnaire is provided on which relevant details are inserted.
    From this information Manuals are prepared in a uniform format.
  3. Owners can ask us to visit their vessels, obtain relevant information, take photographs as necessary, and then prepare the Manual.


2. Fire Training Manuals & Fire Safety Operations Booklets

(Approved to SOLAS Ch.II, Reg. 15 & 16)

 FIRE TRAINING MANUALS which have been specifically prepared for the marine industry.
140 full colour, fully illustrated, clearly presented pages; 

 Contents include:

  • The Nature of Fire, Extinguishing, Prevention, Raising the Alarm
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fixed Extinguishing Systems
  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Organisation & Techniques, the Use of Equipment
  • Equipment Inventory, to make the manual specific to your ship

 Why use our pre-prepared Fire Training Manual?

  1.  It saves you time and money
  2.  It provides a document that will be read
  3. It gives uniformity through the fleet
  4.  It enhances the professional image of the owner

Manual Preparation

  1. In its basic form all necessary background data is provided. Guidance is given so that the Manual becomes dedicated to a particular vessel
  2. Where completed Training Manuals are required a questionnaire is provided.From the information given the Manual is prepared
  3. Owners can ask us to visit their vessels, obtain relevant information and then prepare the Manual


 3. Lifeboat and Liferaft Survival Manuals

Complies with IMO Resolution A.657 (16) Annex 2.
Formally accepted by UK MCA/DOT Our Survival Manuals fulfil the SOLAS requirement to carry a Survival Manual in each Lifeboat and Liferaft.


  • Lifeboat Manuals in English or Spanish
  • Liferaft Manuals - dual English/German
  • Liferaft Manuals - dual English/Spanish


  • Protection against exposure.
  • Anti-Seasickness Tablets.
  • Watches, Lookouts, etc.
  • First Aid, Health problems, Sanitary arrangements.
  • Location aids.
  • Proper use of survival equipment. Distribution of rations and water.
  • Preparation for heavy weather.
  • Rescue services, landing and beaching.
  • Maintenance of morale.


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