Provide Sourcing of Niche Products and Services

It started out providing one - stop trading house to many local manufacturing companies. With many customers satisfied with our purchasing services, our customer's profile grew from local to regional manufacturing firms. With years of experience and strong business relationship with suppliers, Products Purchasing and Supply Services is able to trade niche global products to serve the local demand for spares, equipment and hardware.

Creating Distribution Networks Abroad

Products Purchasing long-term involvement with exporting carefully chosen products to chosen markets, makes it possible for us to go further than just doing one-off deals. In fact, even at the stage when we are preparing market entry strategy for a product, we develop long term plans for selling the product through appropriate distribution channels.

Project Exports and Tender Business

Our company play a vital role when the foreign customers requirement is for goods and services to be supplied by a number of different organizations, often against a tender. Products Purchasing and Supply Services takes on the overall responsibility as Principal and subcontracts the supply of various products and services to a number of companies, including, if necessary, companies abroad.

Product Customization

Products Purchasing and Supply Services is able to customize product specification to meet customer requirements which requires full understanding of the customers' value and preferences. Since 1988, we have been handling countless projects that require custom made products to be incorporated into customer's end product.  


Timely Response

We are committed to response to your enquiry within 1 working day.

Quality Assurance

All products undergo stringent quality control before delivery is made.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost leadership strategy will ensure that the quality products you purchased are value for money.