The Velcro Companies Innovation and Technology Center is a worldwide organization that meets the demands of the global marketplace through product and process development in woven and knit textiles, continuous plastic molding, non-woven loops, and a variety of other fastener technologies.

As pioneers in hook and loop fastener technology, we are the original patent holder of U.S. Patent 2,717,437 filed on October 15, 1952. Today, the Velcro Companies strive to be the dominant innovator in fastening technology through efficient and creative solutions. With over 300 active patents worldwide and more than 50 years of experience, we are proud of our heritage of innovation and ability to satisfy our customers’ needs.


 Woven Hook and Loop

The VELCRO® brand woven hook and loop fastener is where it all began. Our nylon “Hook 88” and “Loop 1000” is used just about everywhere! Our family of woven fasteners includes the traditional nylon hook and loop, in addition to a number of other nylon and polyester fasteners.  Each hook and loop style offers its own unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics.


  • Widths up to six inches on most products
  • Medium to high strength (peel, shear, tension)
  • Medium to high cycle life
  • Standard products woven from nylon or polyester
  • Specialty materials available
    • Aramid yarns
    • Stainless steel yarns
    • Water, UV, and chemical resistant yarns

Plastic Molded Hook

ULTRA-MATE® High Technology Hook (HTH) products are engineered molded hook fasteners that provide superior closure with a variety of loops. The results of years of research by Velcro Industries, ULTRA-MATE® products provide an unprecedented range of fastening performance characteristics.


   J Hooks – This hook style, because of its unique geometry, can be densely positioned in either an opposed direction or in a unidirectional configuration. This flexibility allows for high shear performance and the potential for directional release. Works well with non-woven and thin-knit loops.


‘Palm Tree’ Hooks – Shaped like its namesake, this high-strength hook offers about twice as much peel performance as a J hook. Within the palm family of hooks, a stiffly stemmed ‘buttressed’ palm hook provides increased peel values.


  • Many thermoplastic materials available
    • Polyethylene
    • Polypropylene
    • Nylon
    • Polyester
    • Vinyl
  • Wide widths
  • Fabric reinforced if required
  • Tailored performance


Velcro USA Inc. has extensive technical expertise to determine what adhesive best suits your application. Whether it is an intricate packaging line, a demanding automotive application that requires holding power at extreme temperatures, or a quick bond to polyolefin, we have an adhesive that is just right for you.



  • Rubber based pressure sensitive
  • Acrylic based pressure sensitive
  • Heat and solvent activated adhesives


  • High or low temperature
  • Fire retardant
  • UV Resistant

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