VELCRO® Brand Business Solutions

Velcro Industries is a global leader in fastening systems—from the world’s most recognized hook and loop technology to finished sub-assemblies and customized solutions. We put 50 years of experience to work every day in helping our customers achieve true product differentiation and operational efficiency.


VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastening solutions allow for cutting-edge design and improved performance to provide a true competitive advantage.
VELCRO® Brand construction solutions include temporary carpet protection, artificial turf installation, and solar panel attachments.
Velcro Industries’ medical solutions range from disposable fasteners to finished devices designed for enhanced quality and performance.
Military & Government
Velcro Industries offers Berry-compliant hook and loop tapes and solutions for all classes of the military specification AA55126 (Rev. B).
Packaging & Materials Handling
VELCRO® Brand solutions provide consumer-friendly closures that help companies achieve greater sustainability, reduce costs, and improve workplace safety.
Personal Care
VELCRO® Brand technology continues to drive innovation, differentiation, and market share in the competitive personal care industry.
VELCRO® Brand fasteners help automotive and aerospace manufacturers deliver innovative designs, streamline production, and improve quality.
Other Industries
Velcro Industries helps solve business challenges with products that balance price, performance, and reliability.



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