Glue On Adhesive Dots

An easy way to stick items together – or to hold things in place in packaging. Colourless, quick and easy to use, they dispense a standard dot of glue without getting your fingers messy.

– 3 standard grades: Removable, Semi-Permanent, Permanent

– Suitable for EZlink, credit cards, name cards and sample sachets

– Roll of 5,000 dots

– Sizes: 5mm to 16mm diameter

Glue On Plastic Centres/ Spiders

It enables compact discs to be attached onto a range of surfaces, so you can apply the self – adhesive backing to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers.

– Fast, easy and no messy application

– Available in black, white and clear

– Packed in bags of 1,000 pcs

– 35mm diameter

Glue On Foam Pads

High-density, double-sided self-adhesive foam pad (with easy finger lift backing) specially developed for creating 3D effects for greeting cards, badges, shelf-wobblers. The high density of the foam ensures that it won’t flatten under the pressure of packaging and storage.

– 12 mm x 12 mm x 3 mm in rolls of 2,000 pads

Glue On CD Studs

The foam stud is good for attaching compact disc to almost any surface. the CD is twisted onto the stud for a secure fix. Thanks to their high tack self-adhesive backing, it will stick CDs to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs and mailers.

– 15mm by 16mm

– Available in black and white

– Supplied in rolls of 1000 pcs


VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners

These self-adhesive Hook & Loop circular fasteners are supplied in pairs. They are ideal for use as a closing mechanism for closing folders, cases and boxes.

– Available in black and white

– Supplied in bags of 1000 coin pairs

– Sizes available in diameters of 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 15.9mm and 19mm.

Glue On Disc

These are clear, self adhesive circular stickers which can be used to close or seal a wide variety of promotional materials, mailers, CD packaging and professional documentation. they can also serve as tamper- proof seals for boxes, tins and, etc.

– Packing size of 2,000 discs/ roll

– 18mm diameter

– Available in peelable or easy to open centre-perforated

Glue On Tapes

Adhesive tapes can be complicated with many variety available – but we can help you obtain exactly what you need.

We stock a range of double sided adhesive tapes in a variety of forms:

Flush edge tissue tapes in very high tack rubber based adhesive, in 12 mm and 19 mm widths by 50 metres/ roll.

Coin Magnets (N35)

Neodymium magnets are used in many applications where strong closure are required. Its application can be on packaging and signage.

Coin sizes available: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm. Thickness ranging from 1 mm onwards.

Glue On Magnetic sheets

One side of this flexible rubber sheet is Isotropic Magnetic, which means it has magnetic field that can be attach to ferrous metal surfaces like metal door, metal cabinet, whiteboard, metal beam.

The other side of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet is quoted with double-sided adhesive

The advantage of this flexible magnetic rubber sheet is flexibility to use the non-magnetic side according to your requirement and the ability to easily cut any shapes and sizes using regular pen knife of scissors.

Sizes available in stock: 1mm and 0.7mm thickness

Sheet dimensions: 610 mm x 510 mm

Glue On White Tacks

It is the new ultra clean, versatile, re-usable adhesive white tack. This pre-cut and easy to use multipurpose tack is the perfect choice for everyday uses. With its unique formula, it is stain free on virtually any surface. Making safe, clean and easy choice for home, office and school.

Comes in a pack of 84 pre cut pieces per pack, for bulk purchase. Minimum of 100 packs per order @ $2.20 each pack.


Glue On Tape Roller

The handheld adhesive tape applicator enables users to apply double sided tape onto surface efficiently and precisely. It is ideal for sealing the edges of mailers and for attaching samples or papers.

Each roller comes with 12 metres of 8.4mm width permanent double sided adhesive tape.

Glue On Adhesive Transfer Gun Tapes (ATG)

ATG Adhesive Applicators apply adhesive transfer tape in a quick, easy, single handed operation. These lightweight applicators are ideal for use on small and medium assembly jobs as well as light and heavy duty industrial applications.