In the early 1940’s, Swiss inventor George de Mestral went on a walk with his dog… Upon his return home, he noticed that his dog’s coat and his pants were covered with cockleburrs. His inventor’s curiosity led him to study the burrs under a microscope, where he discovered their natural hook-like shape.

This was to become the basis for a unique, two-sided fastener – one side with stiff “hooks” like the burrs and the other side with the soft “loops” like the fabric of his pants. The result was VELCRO┬« brand hook and loop fasteners, named for the French words “velour” and “crochet.”

Industrial Hook and Loop Products

Velcro Companies is a leader in industrial, consumer, military, automotive, construction, and personal care markets with our innovative fastening solutions. Our extensive product line includes traditional hook and loop fasteners in addition to woven, knit, and molded products suited for a wide range of applications.

Packaging Solutions

VELCRO® Brand closures are resealable, reliable and easy to use. We offer sustainable packaging solutions for both rigid and flexible packaging.