Printing Solutions


Glue dots are a great way to stick items together – or to hold things in place in packaging, for example. Colourless, quick and easy to use, they dispense a standard dot of glue without getting your fingers messy. A little dot with a lot of power!

  • 3 standard grades: Removable, Semi Permanent and Permanent
  • Bespoke grades available, from fully peelable to high-shear permanent
  • Rolls of 5,000 up to 10,000 dots
  • Sizes from 2mm–16mm diameter

Europe’s market-leading glue dot, it conforms to FDA food approval 175.105 and 175.300 (suitable for use within food areas and even direct food contact). They are EN71-certified, comply with Reach Regulation 1907/2006, and are manufactured to ISO standards.


Our magnetic coins tie-down system is ideal for arts and craft projects. The magnets can be easily be concealed within your set and hold items in place firmly yet temporarily. These Neodymium (NdFeB) disc magnets are also widely used in holding small props and set accessories.

Sold in packs of 100, the north pole of the magnet is on one circular face and the south on the other. The magnets are plated with Nickel to offer protection and a pleasing finish.

Sizes from 10mm to 20mm with thickness ranging from 1mm to 2mm.


CD Studs are our solution for attaching compact discs to almost any surface. The CD is twisted onto the stud for a secure fix.

Thanks to their high-tack self-adhesive backing, sponge studs will stick CDs to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers.

•    Fast, easy and non-messy to use
•    High-tack self-adhesive backing
•    Available in black and white (and bespoke colours on request; minimum order applies)
•    Supplied on rolls of 1,000
•    Available for next-day delivery.



During 2013 we will be changing the plastic used to manufacture CD Centres from PVC to APET, the reason for this change is two fold. Firstly PVC is becoming harder to purchase with fewer suppliers supplying PVC which is leading to supply issues. Secondly APET is a more eco-friendly plastic offering better sustainability over PVC, APET is also safer if burnt as it does not give off any harmful gasses like PVC.
The performance of the CD Centres will not change as they will be manufactured with the same moulds and the adhesive backing will remain the same.
CD Centres enable compact discs to be attached to a wide range of surfaces, so you can apply the self-adhesive backing to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers. Simple and lightweight, they enable the CD to easily click onto and off the device as often as required.

•    Fast, easy and non-messy to use.
•    Manufactured in-house using a vacuum-formed process.
•    Available in black, white and clear (and bespoke colours on request; minimum order applies).
•    Packed in bags of 1,000.
•    Available for next-day delivery.

For an alternative CD fixing mechanism, see our CD Spiders and CD Studs.

CD Spiders are simple, lightweight and ingenious plastic clips which attach compact discs to pretty much anything you like. The CD will repeatedly click onto and off the spider, so CDs can be taken off and put back on as often as required
Thanks to their self-adhesive backing, they will stick CDs to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers.
  • Fast, easy and non-messy to use
  • Manufactured in-house using an injection moulding process
  • Available in black, white and clear (and bespoke colours on request; minimum order applies)
  • Packed in bags of 1,000
  • Available for next-day delivery.


Foam pads are a high-density, double-sided self-adhesive foam pad (supplied on a ‘finger-lift’ backing) specially developed for creating 3D effects for greetings cards, badges, shelf-wobblers, etc.

Simply remove the Foam Pads from the backings to stick all sorts of things to all sorts of other things. And the high density of the foam ensures that it won’t flatten under the pressure of packaging & storage.

Foam Pad stock sizes
•    12x12x3mm on rolls of 2,000 pads
•    12x12x4.3mm on rolls of 1,500 pads
•    10x10x4.3mm on rolls of 10,000 pads
•    10x10x3mm on rolls of 10,000 pads.
Also available in standard-density foam
We also carry stocks of double-sided foam pads in standard-density foam, available in various sizes and different roll sizes.

DuoDiscs are 20mm circular adhesive seals with permanent adhesive on one side and peelable adhesive on the other - with a generous finger-lift tab for fast and easy self-application.
DuoDiscs allow you to fix the sticky circle in place, leaving the top backing intact for another item to be fixed at another time.


Sealing Solution

Clear Discs are self-adhesive circular stickers which can be used to close or seal a wide variety of promotional materials, posted mailers, CD packaging and professional documentation. They can also serve as tamper-proof seals for boxes, tins, etc.
Clear Disc features:
  • Economical but professional finish
  • Available as plain discs or easy-to-open centre-perforated discs
  • Available in permanent or peelable grades
  • Bespoke coloured and printed products available on request
  • Supplied in an easy-to-use dispenser box for manual application
  • Machine-applied tabs are also available from stock for KT tabbers and Lynx/Profold machines
  • Available from stock in 2,000 and 5,000-disc rolls
  • Next-day delivery from stock.
Clear Disc stock sizes:
  • 18mm diameter
  • 25mm diameter
  • 34mm diameter
  • 50mm diameter
  • Other sizes available upon request.

VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Circular Fasteners
These self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand hook & loop circular fasteners are supplied on separate rolls (one of the hook side, one of the loop side). They are ideal for use as a closure product, on folders, cases, and binders, and to hold lightweight display/POS items in place.
•    Supplied on rolls of hook or loop
•    Available from stock in black and white
•    Colours available to order (minimum order quantities apply)
•    Available from stock in diameters of 13mm (1,550 per roll) and 22mm (1,000 per roll).

VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Lozenges
This self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand lozenge-shaped fastener is ideal for use as a high-quality, low-profile closure on folders, cases, binders, etc, and to hold lightweight display/POS items in place.
•    Supplied on a roll of matched pairs
•    3,333 complete lozenges on a roll
•    Dimensions 35mm x 10mm  
•    Available in white only.

VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Strip
This self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop strip is ideal for holding items on exhibition boards, or to attach heavy posters on walls.
•    Supplied on strips of hook or loop
•    Available in black and white
•    Available in widths of 20mm or 25mm.


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